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Indonesian Online Store

Indonesian Online Store

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As of first quarter of 2020, the Indonesian branch Shopee ranked first among the most clicked e-commerce sites in Indonesia, followed by Tokopedia and Bukalapak.

The rise of e-commerce

E-commerce has been on the rise in Indonesia for a while now and is not expected to stop anytime soon. The archipelago stretches from the western end on Sumatra to the easternmost point in New Guinea over 17 thousand islands and more than five thousand kilometers. As a result, it is difficult for ordinary businesses to reach customers in remote areas. In addition to the on-going traffic issues in key cities like Java, online shopping solutions are a great way to succeed.

Challenges for e-commerce players

However, this does not mean that every e-commerce company is successful. It is rather important to adapt the service to the local market. For example, Bukalapak noticed that not everybody in Indonesia is online yet and therefore established close partnerships with small shops across the country. These little shops can be approached by inhabitants without an internet connection. For the people it is a possibility to have access to a variety of products and Bukalapak can generate money with clients who don’t even have internet access.

Dropshipping in all of Indonesia is now very popular, but many vendors still cannot even know how to dropship it. Moreover, some employee sellers have not had the secrets of shipping.

Here’s your luck. You will know the original pro tips from this article and where to find the best websites for providers of drug shipping.

Do you still work in Indonesia with dropshipping?

The term dropshipping refers to a type of order fulfillment method in which the company does not need to hold an inventory, rather it receives orders and transfers them directly to the customer to a third party who supply the goods.

Dropship Indonesia offers Indonesians convenient access to packaged consumer products delivered at their doorstep. There is so much potential for the market here to become the largest online market in Asia. There is a large pool of businesses selling goods, largely based on the recommendations of social media. The online market in Indonesia with an online growth rate of 50 percent will estimate at $130 billion by 2020, according to current forecasts.

As we have seen before, Dropship in Indonesia is an emerging e-market with a great deal of potential.

Because the chances of maximum profit via shipping are more than simply by handling the items, I have mentioned in this guidance below that your new business can thrive successfully in Indonesia.

Way to find products to dropship in Indonesia?

A good product for supplying dropshipping in Indonesia should meet the following criteria before it can qualify as a good shipping product: i. 10 trending products with a strong demand in Indonesia Returnful ii. Request iii. Facilities for shipment (in terms of shape and size) some of your other considerations should include your retail price and the recommended profit margin when selecting the best product to dropshipping.

Once again, you should never do some things when selecting a product to dropship:

  1. Do not select a branded product. The very low profit margin of selling designer products is
  2. Choose never knock-off goods. It is most likely that you will end up on the wrong side of the law to sell counterfeit products.
  3. Choose never a highly competitive product, because you will have to compete on the same platform with others that sell the same product.

Having said that, let us look at the 10 most demanding trend products (by categories):

1. Accessories

2. Beauty products

3. Clothes

4. Computer Accessories

5. Books

6. Phones

7. Toys for children

8. Generic medicines

9. Music and Films

10. Furniture

And with our experiences, we'd be more than happy to setup new dropshipping store for you, selling proven-time best seller products and suppliers.

Let's not waste your time to search and select over millions of items and suppliers. We are here for you to support your business. It's time to collaborate and generate sales for you. 

Should you need monthly management assistant, we're happy to offer you premium support as well.

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